Discover more about our working style at Neos

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What do we do? Well, firstly we work around the clock, with the day starting in Australia, Singapore and Bangkok, heading west to Bratislava and ending up in our headquarters in Munich. […]

Insights: the global team with 22 nationalities

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Want to know more about us? If you are curious about the people who work for Neos, then take a look at our team page [...]

Neos supports HPE Vertica Big Data Analysis

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When our client came to us to ask us to operate their big data analytics system, we stepped in to do just that. Read how [...]

Resumee after eight weeeks of paternity leave

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German law is extremely accommodating to new parents wishing to spend some time with their family. Our dear colleague, Ryan experienced this first hand when he decided to ask Neos for some time off to do exactly that. […]

Taking security seriously: Neos is now PCI DSS certified!

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Nowadays the evolving nature of cybercrime means security and data privacy continues to be a major topic for enterprises. […]

Neos’ first stop @ Digital Travel APAC 2016

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The travel event in Singapore! Aimed at VP and Director level, Digital travel APAC is the main summit for APAC’s leading hotels, airlines and OTAs. [...]

Neos exhibited at the World Hosting Days 2016 in Rust

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World Hosting Days – a world-class technology conference which has become the largest and most successful event for the hosting and cloud services industry. On [...]