German law is extremely accommodating to new parents wishing to spend some time with their family. Our dear colleague, Ryan experienced this first hand when he decided to ask Neos for some time off to do exactly that.

Ryan took an eight-week sabbatical from work to be with his daughter, who is just under a year old.

Not only did he want to enjoy experiencing some of the new things she is learning daily, he also decided to use this time to travel back to his birth country, the Philippines and introduce his relatives to his new family. As Ryan states “It was important for me to be able to use this time well and not only spend time with my daughter but also with relatives who I do not see often. I was a bit apprehensive about returning to the office after two months absence, however surprisingly I feel totally refreshed and very happy how easy it is to get back into things. The warm welcome back from my colleagues was really funny and it’s great to see everyone again!”


Well, we are happy to have Ryan back in the sales department and so are our customers.