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Hendrik van den Berg und Robin Parr

Hendrik van den Berg, Managing Director
Robin Parr, Managing Director
Timo Poetzlberger, Head of Marketing and Productstrategy
Stefan Hierlmeier, Head of Service Excellence
Olaf Schwalm, Head of Service Delivery

„No machine can do the work of an extraordinary man. People and technology come together at Neos!“

Sam Pravin

Marie Jakobsson, Head of Finance
Marc Rosenberg, Head of IT Operations
Thitinun Seniyut, Operations Change Manager
Sascha Modersitzki, Country Manager NeosIT Bangkok
Tanistha Tinthaipibool, Junior Developer IT Services
Alexandra Musat, Service Management Administrator
Paul Walsh, Project Manager
Warren van der Woude, Application System Engineering

„Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes our teams and our company work!“

Isabella Hinkofer

Vasanthakumar Sekar, Database Administrator
Tomas Kasa, Microsoft System Engineer
Zuzana Barnova, Finance Administrator
Ann Modersitzki, Admin Human Ressources Facility Mamagement Bangkok
Steven Viljoen, VMware Senior Specialist
Ryan Secker, Senior Technical Solution Manager
Sascha Hochlehnert, Account Manager Amadeus
Apisak Musikapan, Weblogic Adminitrator IT Operations
Martin Mersberger, Platform Lead Engineer
Malgorzata Jakubowska, IT Service Manager
Poonsook Tongpanung, Linux Systems Engineer Operations
Carmen Ott, Executive Assistant

„Responsible for security and internal policies, it is my calling to ensure that everyone is taken care of, whether pizza, curry, burgers, I never fail to ensure that lunch is on the table!“

Marian Marton

Madan Mohan, Platform Lead Engineer
Isabella Hinkofer, Human Ressources Administrator
Stanislav Majzlik, VMware Senior Specialist
Rodney van der Woude, Lead Engineer Unix
Nanthinee Boonrod, Project Change Manager IT Operations
Matthew Parr, Business Analyst

„Table football, darts, ‚beer o’clock‘ on Fridays and other regular get-togethers, build friendships at work making it a fun place to be.“

Robin Parr

Martina Hubach, Office Administrator
Peter Prostredny, CRM System Administrator
Jaturong Saothong, Developer IT Services

„The great thing about having such a wide scope of highly skilled techies in the team is how simple watercooler conversations can evolve into deep dive sessions covering everything from cryptography to using drones to sniff out rogue Wi-Fi signals. The geek factor is high in this company :)“

Steven Viljoen

Javier Roco, System Administrator IT Operations
Kitty Poharova, IT Service Manager
Paphangkorn Kaiyanant, Change Coordinator IT Operations
Christian Holnaicher, Account Sales Manager
Aekawit Sengpracha, Network Engineer IT Operations
Katarina Wagnerova, VMware Senior Specialist
Igor Slovak, SOA Administrator

„Wake up and look forward to going to work – That’s Neos! Bring your baby daughter to the office and the colleagues take care of her while you are in a meeting – That’s Neos! Loyalty to the company and to the team – That’s Neos! „

Maria Mangeli

Wilairat Chitngamsangtong, Operations Database Administrator
Peter Tyllack, Legal/Sales Consultant
Fredrik Sikkink, IT Projects Manager
Lubomir Zvolensky, VMware Senior Specialist