Data is everywhere. No limits, it’s with us constantly, it’s how we live, communicate, make decisions based on data. Today, mobile connections, applications and ultimately our behaviour is all linked to data. Often known as BIG data, due to the pure amount of data which is created and exchanged the challenge is apparent. How to use and make that data SMART.

And it is happening across all industries and impacting them. Certain industries more so, as connected devices increase. IDC states that as smart devices are on the increase by 2020, 7 billion connected people will be using an estimated 30 billion devices!!

Click here for some market research executed by 451 Research on the Internet of Things.

The biggest challenges enterprises have executing their big data visions are many and varied.

There is no “one size fits all”. That’s why our solutions are scalable on all levels. Often big data platforms and big data analytics for unstructured data need to slot together with structured data/databases and this is where we can help.

For instance, for some it’s a question of how to transition from a data warehouse approach to a data lake, enabling enterprises to attain a single view of their data. Our experts will help you get a deeper understanding of where the IT roadmap is leading you and how to have a holistic view of the future of IT and how best to execute the right big data strategy.

Why is it important to get an expert opinion? A recent McKinsey study found that 75% of those CIO’s interviewed in a recent survey who’d invested in big data and believed themselves to be forward thinking, stated that they had no proven substantial revenue increase or cost improvement – in fact it was less than 1%. Therefore, the focus long term needs to be on how best to use the data gathered.

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