content-hub-phocuswright-india_logoNeos top management were travelling in April and had the pleasure to attend the top travel event in India – PhocuswrightIndia 2016 which took place on 21st-22nd April in Gurgaon.

The Asian Mojo: Millennials, Mobile, Money, Mania – it’s a fast pace with new market entrants competing for multi-million-dollar funding rounds, mergers and acquisitions occurring at lightning pace, while start-ups and incumbents battle their ground. Everyone wants a piece of the world’s fastest-growing travel market. Asia Pacific’s climb to the top of the global travel market is nothing short of meteoric, shifting the travel, tourism and hospitality industry’s centre of gravity to the East.

Robin Parr and Hendrik van den Berg took time out to visit clients and prospects in the region at the fair and had many interesting meetings and conversations regarding the “Digital Passenger” of the future, the impact this is having on enterprises and how to leverage Neos expertise of the last 10 years providing high transaction platforms for the travel industry.

If you wish to download the sessions on demand, you can do so here