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In the near future, programming will take place in containers to create solutions that are independent of the underlying infrastructure. OpenStack abstracts the underlying IT infrastructure and enables private, public and hybrid cloud solutions to be used in a flexible way. And OpenShift enables applications to be moved between platforms, as required.

Take advantage of these open, community-based technologies to avoid being locked into a vendor in the future. We will provide you with the necessary platforms.

This way, you can gain experience with this technology at an early stage. Our developers in our Centre of Excellence in Bratislava confirm: the use of platform-independent solutions will change IT development. Soon, we will no longer be separating Dev and Ops; they will grow closer together. We will provide the support you need in further developing your own DevOps concept and in paving the way towards agile IT.

Future ready Open Clouds without vendor lock - Neos IT Hosting Services

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