What do we do?

Well, firstly we work around the clock, with the day starting in Australia, Singapore and Bangkok, heading west to Bratislava and ending up in our headquarters in Munich. We are always on the go!


Our high transaction platforms are running 24/7 and our international experts are there to support them. You can download a short flyer on the types of platforms we offer here.

Furthermore, we like to busy ourselves with IT technology and innovation, keeping up-to-date and well educated, so that we can offer advice and assist in complex IT transformations. We love being tech-savvy.

HPE 3PAR storage gives us the flexibility and scalability to meet ever increasing demands of our enterprise customers who know what they need and push very heavily to get best-in-class-service. We believe that the 3PAR devices we have aquired are part of a well thought out strategy from HPE and that gives us confidence in the future growth and direction that our customers will require
Hendrik van den Berg, Managing Director, Neos IT Services GmbH

If you would like to read more on some of the technology deployed first-to-market, then take a look at this interesting case with our technology partner HPE